May 10, 2016

Shoe fashion trends 2016

There is no such thing as ‘too many shoes’. But you must be picky when choosing your shoes for the season. Before going shopping, look at current and upcoming fashion trends and make sure they match your overall clothing style. Black pumps Black pumps is a classic pair of shoes that never gets out of fashion. And they suit everybody combined with pretty much anything: from ripped jeans to formal suits. They are equally appropriate for some formal event and a night club. sh-1

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Nude-colored pumps These are good alternative to black pumps and they perfectly complement clothing of light shades. Moreover, they visually lengthen the legs and look even more stylish than black shoes. Red shoes Red shoes are great for a night out and they equally add a spark to your style for casual clothing. Wear red shoes with loose jeans, pencil skirt or cocktail dress. sh-2

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Metallic colored shoes Metallic colored shoes are not as complicated to combine them with something as it may seem at first. In fact, silvery and golden colors suit pretty much all shades and make the simplest and the most basic outfit more classy and stylish. Stiletto shoes Stiletto shoes with a thin strap can be worn every day, but are most appropriate for formal events and various social gatherings. Such luxurious shoes visually lengthen the legs and make the look sexier. Gladiators Gladiators haven’t lost a bit of their popularity for several seasons. They are comfortable and they can be perfectly combined with a summer-style kimono and jeans shorts. sh-3

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Platform shoes Platform shoes may look pretty big from the first look at them. But if you choose them right, they can become your irreplaceable pair of shoes for summer. Combine platform shoes with light summer dresses of any length, which will add more femininity to your look.

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