March 19, 2017


The growing role of the Internet in the fashion business gives brands and designers a set of unique marketing opportunities. Social networking opportunities can become powerful tools in your marketing strategy. With the growing popularity of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr, there are many ways you can use social media for marketing:


The word ‘giveaway’ alone is one of the test-and-true marketing boosters. You can do a giveaway in the form of a Snapchat video featuring things you’re giving away; Instagram image featuring the item you’re giving away or simply a post on Twitter. The greatest way to get maximum marketing results from a social media giveaway is to make sure people are spreading the word about you through their social media channels (reposting, retweeting, posting your hashtags, following you, etc.) Come up with something that will get people to spread the word about you before actually giving away your giveaway item.

Instagram contest

Get your followers to participate in a photo contest on Instagram, where participants will need to upload their photos wearing YOUR BRAND’s items. Only photos featuring your clothes are eligible for this contest. Then count the votes for each participant and determine the winner. The winner (or top 2, top 3 winners) gets your merchandise. This strategy is great because in order to get something for free from you, people will have to buy your clothing first to be eligible for the contest. These are just two sample ways how you can effectively and quickly expand your customer base. But keeping your social media accounts active and constantly updating them with news about your brand or your clothes is a must to create an attractive brand image in the eyes of your potential followers and customers. Social media marketing should be an essential tool in your overall marketing strategy.

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