March 31, 2017


If you’re just starting out as a fashion designer, selling your clothes online can be tough for two reasons: people don’t know who your brand it and aren’t quite sure if your clothing is high-quality/fits them.   And you kinda, well, get them. There’s no way to tell if a particular clothing item you see online will fit you and you have idea if that M-sized T-shirt is just as M-sized as the rest of T-shirts out there.   While fitting will always remain among the prime concerns of the customers looking to buy clothes online, you can easily make it easier for your customers to buy the right fitting and size.   There’s one Vimeo video by ModCloth that shows just about the right strategy to make it easier for your customers to buy the correct size.   Selling a look   Driving up sales online can be easily done if you sell a look in addition to separate clothing items.   Look, when people are shopping on your E-commerce website, there’s a big chance that they are shopping not just for one item, but multiple items.   You can make their shopping experience much more convenient and enjoyable if you start selling a complete look. I’d recommend adding the “Complete the look” section on each product page.   There you would be putting the multiple of your items together by displaying a complete look. This way, you’re showing your customers that this particular item would look good in combination with this and that.   It can become a very effective strategy of convincing online people to buy your clothes. Also, consider featuring that “you might also be interested in” section below each of your product.   It helps your customers see that you do have many items to offer to satisfy all of their needs – whether they’re looking for casual style, chic or something more elegant and classy.   .  

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