• The Yarn Fabric & Accessories Show 2016: Event for Indian and foreign manufacturers

    The Yarn Fabric & Accessories Show 2016: Event for Indian and foreign manufacturers

    The Yarn Fabric & Accessories Show (YFA) 2016, which runs from November 23 through 26, 2016 in New Delhi offers guests to immerse themselves into the world of fiber, yarn, fabric and apparel accessories. Apart from offering some major bonuses to the guests, this year’s YFA will help suppliers from these four segments connect with their potential buyers, while the latter will have a unique chance to convey their thoughts on how to improve the apparel industry in India. yfa2016 The YFA event also has a goal to present the Indian market to foreign companies and show them that India is an attractive and profitable place to start their textiles and apparels businesses. The event also offers local Indian textile and apparel companies to show off their creations and get closer to their buyers. The greatest thing about the YFA 2016 for both foreign and Indian suppliers is that there will be many buyers from around the world. In fact, Chinese, Pakistani, American, British, Italian, Thai and many other buyers have already signed up to arrive in November for the event. India is one of the biggest hubs manufacturing textiles and apparel in South Asia, and it has largely grown in the past years, so no wonder why the YFA 2016 is getting worldwide attention. At this year’s YFA, more than 250 brands have already signed up to participate at the event. There will be a wide specter of suppliers: big, medium and small ones. The manufacturers are from more than 15 countries, while there will be an estimated 15,000 visitors at the event, meaning that for each brand taking part in the event, it’ll be a great chance to showcase their range of products. The YFA 2016 also offers a number of bonuses, including free tickets and accommodation for VIP Buyers, seminars and roundtables involving some of the event’s brands, planned B2B meetings between the brands and visitors, an exclusive invite for Grand Networking Dinner and Gala Night, as well as many other offerings. The YFA 2016 will run from November 23 through 26 at the NSIC Exhibition Complex, New Delhi, India.
  • REVIEW: La Mode A Beyrouth – Spring Summer 2017

    REVIEW: La Mode A Beyrouth – Spring Summer 2017

    mode1 This year, La Mode A Beyrouth, a fashion show in Beirut, returns for its second autumn edition to showcase Spring Summer 2017 collections by Lebanese designers. The event, which premiered last year, has the goal to compete with other international fashion capitals as well as to give emerging fashion designers from Lebanon the opportunity to present their fashion creations. La Mode A Beyrouth will run from October 17 through October 22 and is brought to you by L.I.P.S. Management. The event will be held at Forum de Beyrouth and will feature a great number of established and aspiring fashion designers from Lebanon. Before La Mode A Beyrouth officially kicks off its collections, there will be a red carpet event for fashion industry insiders and their close friends and family. Another reason why organizers created the La Mode fashion event was to bring back Lebanese designers from other fashion capitals, where they are regularly showcasing their Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections. Lebanon needs its designers to improve the economy and promote the country’s fashion industry. In fact, last year’s first edition of La Mode A Beyrouth was a huge success both internationally and domestically, which is why it’s not surprising why so many emerging Lebanese designers signed up to participate this year. For this year’s edition, La Mode partners with BoConcept, which makes urban design, as well as Make Up For Ever, which focuses on makeup products. This year’s lineup of fashion designers includes the Lebanese designer Sandra Rizk, international brand BCBGMAXAZRIA, the Lebanese international designer Nicolas Jebran, as well as last year’s La Mode winner of BYFDC, Géyanna Youness. Here’s the schedule of La Mode A Beyrouth 2017: mode2 Each participant will be judged by a panel of judges, and the winner will get gifts and a cash prize. mode3
  • REVIEW: Fashion Forward Dubai – Spring Summer 2017

    REVIEW: Fashion Forward Dubai – Spring Summer 2017

    ffd2 Fashion Forward, which for many years has been considered to be Dubai’s best style platform, returns to UAE for its eighth season. The event, which will run from October 21 through October 23, features a breaking record number of best designers from near (local Dubai) and far. Later this month, the event will include a line-up of 31 regional ready-to-wear and couture designers showcasing their 2017 Spring/Summer collections. The highlight collection of Fashion Forward Dubai 2017 will be from Dubai-based couturier Furne One of Amato as well as Ezra from the Philippines. Saudi Arabia’s Arwa Al Banawi, Lebanon’s Dima Ayad and French-Algerian designer Faiza Bouguessa are also set to showcase their original fashion creations at FFD 2017. The following designers will rock this year’s Fashion Forward’s runway: ffd1 The event will also allow some aspiring designers to make their debut: Qatari brand HZ by Hissa Zainal, Omani designer Amal Al Raisi, and French-Egyptian designer Mariam Yehia (Keepa). Zareena, a major fashion house in Emirati, by designer Zareena Yousif is also set to wow the guests of the fashion show. Meanwhile, the label of Sheikha Madiyah Al Sharqi will make its return to the FFD. But the fashion event will not only showcase apparel pieces, as 14 jewelry and accessory designers are also set to present their Spring/Summer 2017 stylish pieces. Their presentations will be held in a space called The Showcase, and the list of designers includes Bana Sunglasses, Belquis Bags, and Natalie Trad. The event will be ended with a roundtable and interactive sessions to discuss Dubai’s place in the fashion world, the current retail trends, as well as tackle such topics as source funding and brand development. Fashion Forward Dubai – Spring Summer 2017 will run from October 21 through October 23, while the tickets range from Dh50 to Dh200.
  • REVIEW: Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017

    REVIEW: Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017

    aifw Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) Spring Summer 2017 is definitely the most important fashion event this fall for both India and the entire South Asia. The AIFW will run from October 12 through October 16 and will showcase fashion creations by local designers. It’s a great opportunity for Indian designers to make a statement and promote their collections not just for locals, but also for international buyers. The Amazon India Fashion Week 2017 will be held at the NSIC Grounds in Okhla, and the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) announced that the first two days will be dedicated to Indian handlooms and textiles. In fact, the handlooms are a true legacy for India. That’s why some 23 Indian designers will showcase their creative views on handlooms and how you can incorporate them into street style. In total, there will be 110 designers participating at the AIFW, including akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta, Anita Dongre, Krishna Mehta, Samant Chauhan, Ashish & Vikrant, and more internationally recognized Abraham & Thakore and Anavila. The main theme of the AIFW 2017 is India Modern Festive, which is why organizers aim at showcasing and preserving India’s cultural heritage. aifw2 The FCDI claims that this year’s AIFW is aimed at merging the past, present and future of India. In fact, through the event’s meaningful initiatives, designers are reviving India’s the handloom sector thanks to the #iwearhandloom campaign started by Textile Minister Smriti Irani. This year’s edition of AIFW will open with the re-interpretation of chanderi, while the opening showwill be dedicated to a guru-shishya (Master and Disciple) presentation by designers JJ Valaya and Alpana-Neeraj. Overall, Amazon India Fashion Week is a great way to not only revive India’s handlooms and textiles but the best opportunity (at least in 2016) to promote local designers’ fashion ideas.
  • Arab Fashion Week 2016: Review

    Arab Fashion Week 2016: Review

    arab Arab Fashion Week returns to Dubai for its third season and will be held from October 6 through October 10. With the goal to promote designers from the Arab world, the event will be held in the central hotel of Dubai,  the Meydan Hotel. Arab Fashion Week, in partnership with Huawei, is a great opportunity for Arab designers to showcase their fashion creations and set new trends. In fact, Arab Fashion Week 2016 will for the first time unveil ready-couture for men, while the event will be attended by fashion experts and potential buyers. This year, the Arab Fashion Council wants the Arab Fashion Week to link the Arab fashion market with the international fashion industry. It means that Dubai has high chances of becoming the main international fashion hug and will join Milan, Paris, London and New York City. Arab Fashion Week helps young talents in Dubai showcase their collections and find potential buyers from all around the world. In fact, the fact that the event will be attended by foreign journalists means that Arab designers have an international exposure. New York designer LaQuan Smith is set to participate in the event. Smith is known for making clothes for such high-profile celebrities as Kendall Jenner, Beyoncé and Kylie Minogue. Italian couturier Giada Curti will also be among the participants and will unveil her spring-summer 2017 collection. As for the UAE-based designers, there will be Lamya Abedin, who is best known for her label Queen of Spades. Also, there will be Sheikha Alanoud Alattiya (Tiiya) as well as Aiisha Ramadan and Ingie Chalhoub (Ingie Paris). Each participant will present their spring/summer 2017 collection and each of them hopes to get international clients. In fact, organizers said they invited a lot of guests from Russia and China, because they have a growing interest in Arab fashion.
  • REVIEW: London Fashion Week’s Spring 2017 Trends

    REVIEW: London Fashion Week’s Spring 2017 Trends

    London Fashion Week has brought us new Spring 2017 Fashion trends, and we couldn’t be more grateful! And I, Ramez Basmaji, will review some of the major London Fashion Week 2016 trends and tell you which ones should be IN YOUR WARDROBE and which ones you should ignore. PUFFY SLEEVES lon1 A number of designers at this year’s London fashion event have brought back the ‘80s trend to rock street looks all around the world in spring 2017 – puffy sleeves. Try it on, but note that it might not suit your style. Like, at all! 1yellow GINGHAM CHECKS lon2 Who would have thought even a few years ago that gingham would become so popular in 2016 and 2017? At London Fashion Week, fashion designers reworked the classic picnic checks to make it wearable and stylish for everyone next year. Pretty interesting. You can try it out to see if it works for you. 1green KHAKI FULL-ON lon3 Khaki has been trendy for several years now, but in spring 2017 it will be even trendier to wear the full-on khaki look. Get ready to see lots of khaki clothing in London next year! Deserves a green light from me. 1green CUTOUTS lon4 Whether it’s shoulder cutouts or a scrappy neckline, give it all a chance next spring, as Christopher Kane and Erdem want you to feel more feminine in sexy cutouts. Cutouts on the area of your hips. Or cutting out a belt on the dress – that’s the kind of novelty looks I recommend going for. 1green LARGE SLEEVES lon5 If you don’t mind looking like a long-arm bubble man or woman, check out this new trend from London Fashion Week, which suggests wearing sleeves that extend far past your fingerprints is super stylish. But trust me from my fashion experience, such outrageous styles are just an attempt to set a new trend. And trust me, you won’t look stylish with XL sleeves. You’ll look funny. That’s it. 1red ROCK ‘N’ ROLL lon6 Denim, just like khaki, has been a major fashion trend for a while now, but for the next year, London designers want you to try on ultra-distressed frayed denim styles that sure look rock ‘n’ roll. Looks great. Some looks may refresh your overall style. 1green
  • Trendiest Fall-Winter 2016/2017 Handbags

    Trendiest Fall-Winter 2016/2017 Handbags

    The handbags presented by top fashion designers for this fall and winter 2016/2017 can be divided into several categories. Some feature classic forms and colors, while others can be worn only on some special occasions. And there is also the third category of handbags, which dictates to wear them only with outrageous looks. Crossbody bag New fashionable crossbody bags have been presented by Prada, Givenchy, Chloe and Marni this season. And while the four brands have created many others types of handbags, everybody is going crazy for their crossbody bags. hand1 Bucket-bag This type of handbags is best suited for everyday looks. Look for such brands as Lanvin, Ralph Lauren and Alexander Wang. Hobo bag Round forms of handbags are becoming more and more popular among fashionistas. Hobo, half-crescent and cowboy bags are certainly trendy this season. The best brands to look for are Jason Wu, Hugo Boss and Altuzarra. hand2 Satchel, tout and shopper bags It’s nearly impossible to find something in such a bag, but you can always find the department that will fit pretty much anything in there. Look for such brands Loewe, Maison Martin Margiela, Mulberry and Balenciaga. Baguettes and flap-bags But Lanvin and Christian Dior want to remind us that a woman needs a handbag to fit only the most essential and tiniest things, and is not suited for shopping. Such bags can be comfortably worn on both the shoulders and in hands. hand3 Boxes and suitcases Such handbags fit the most essential things: from makeup products to hygiene products and even your mini laptop. If you have never tried this type before, it’s best to try it. Handbags on your belt Attaching handbags on your belt is a new trend of this fall-winter 2016/2017 season, so look for such handbags from brands Chanel and Prada. hand4
  • Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham

    Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham

    Famous football player and the man who is the epitome of man’s style, David Beckham, has recently collaborated with H&M to bring his new collection to life. Beckham, who has been named the world’s sexiest man alive numerous times, has presented his fall 2016 collection called Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham. beckham1 Just like his last collection, this collection offers a fresh look on man’s style and features style choices selected specially by Beckham himself. All the silhouettes are effective, elegant and at the same time very manly, urban and comfortable. According to Beckham himself, the new collection has a new emphasis on basic clothes, which can be found in the wardrobe of pretty much every man. One of the great things about Beckham’s collection is that each and every piece of the collection can be stylishly combined with one another. beckham2 And that’s, as we all know, one of the most essential things for men, which makes their lives easier. When designing the collection, Beckham paid attention to all fashion trends of 2016: the Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham includes bombers, oversize pullovers and pants. The collection was made in the stylish manly colors: grey, navy and Burgundy. Beckham himself admitted that he had a great summer designing the collection for H&M. The football superstar also said he loves the new bomber and the manly double-breasted coat. beckham3 Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham will be available for sale from 29 September 2016, and all men around the world will be able to try on clothes that David Beckham wears to maintain his sexiest and most stylish man titles.
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  • New York Fashion Week or Kanye West’s hottest show

    New York Fashion Week or Kanye West’s hottest show

    American rapper Kanye West has recently presented his latest collection called Yeezy Season 4 on the New York Fashion Week. And the collection immediately became the coolest and the most anticipated show of the New York Fashion Week 2016. yeezy-2 It’s no secret that West is a guru of self-promotion and advertising for his own benefit. And West, who claims he is better than God, presented the collection that actually lived up to its expectations. The show was presented at the Roosevelt island, and more than 500 models showed up to participated in the casting. All of the girls had different body types and different colors of skin, which means West is looking to abandon the standardized and clichéd skinny white girls models. yeezy-1 In fact, some of the girls clearly flaunted cellulite on their bodies, but it didn’t prevent them to put up a loud and highly-anticipated, yet controversial show of the New York Fashion Week. Therefore, West makes a smart move this season, he’s looking to get loaded on cash from sales of clothes targeting girl with not-so-perfect bodies. West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, showed up an hour and 15 minutes late for the show, while the show was delayed for 2 hours. But most notably, at the very beginning of his collection, West was accused in featuring only multi-racial models. As for the clothes, the collection featured sophisticated and trendy bras, tops, bodies that looked in harmony with particular skin colors, military jackets, hoodies with long sleeves and transparent jack-boots, which Kim Kardashian was boasting recently in public, making a great promotional move for her husband. yeezy-3 But in my opinion, the loudest highlight from Yeezy Season 4 collection is its over-knee-boots, which I predict will become the trendiest foot-wear of 2016 fall. Overall, the latest collection by West is a clear confirmation of his own words: “People who want to make things as dope as possible, and, by default, make money from it.”
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