If you’re just starting out as a fashion designer, selling your clothes online can be tough for two reasons: people don’t know who your brand it and aren’t quite sure if your clothing is high-quality/fits them.   And you kinda, well, get them. There’s no way to tell if a particular clothing item you see online will fit you and you have idea if that M-sized T-shirt is just as M-sized as the rest of T-shirts out there.   While fitting will always remain among the prime concerns of the customers looking to buy clothes online, you can easily make it easier for your customers to buy the right fitting and size.   There’s one Vimeo video by ModCloth that shows just about the right strategy to make it easier for your customers to buy the correct size.   Selling a look   Driving up sales online can be easily done if you sell a look in addition to separate clothing items.   Look, when people are shopping on your E-commerce website, there’s a big chance that they are shopping not just for one item, but multiple items.   You can make their shopping experience much more convenient and enjoyable if you start selling a complete look. I’d recommend adding the “Complete the look” section on each product page.   There you would be putting the multiple of your items together by displaying a complete look. This way, you’re showing your customers that this particular item would look good in combination with this and that.   It can become a very effective strategy of convincing online people to buy your clothes. Also, consider featuring that “you might also be interested in” section below each of your product.   It helps your customers see that you do have many items to offer to satisfy all of their needs – whether they’re looking for casual style, chic or something more elegant and classy.   .  
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    The importance of Public Relations in the fashion business can be easily overlooked. I’ve had multiple clients who told me that they just didn’t see the sales they wanted to, while their PR strategy was just horrible and absent at all.  

    That’s right. How can consumers see your products if you’re putting them out there? Fashion business is like art: and to be a successful artist you want people to see your paintings, right?


    Think about it: if you hide your paintings in your closet, how can people possibly start admiring you and buying your paintings?


    The same happens in the fashion business: it’s all about how you apply media exposure to your brand.


    When I say PR, I mean not only your social media strategy and hiring a team of advertising experts, who usually – and sadly – just don’t help. Sounds familiar?


    A good PR strategy goes far buoying that: giveaways, gifting, wardrobing, online contests, celebrity endorsements, personal appearances on TV or magazines… There’s so much you can do to actually MARKET your brand.


    Here’s the truth: if you don’t start your fashion business as a huge brand (that’s never the case), you don’t really need to hire a PR firm. Instead, consider hiring a fashion consultant who can help you drive up your sales through a well-planned and comprehensive PR strategy.


    It goes without saying that you need to have a strong social media campaign, as promoting your fashion brand through social media is one of the most efficient ways to gain potential customers instantly.


    Also, don’t forget about updating your website, where you list all of your products, regularly. It can be a blog or a video blog – the point is to keep it updated preferably every day.


    As for your social media accounts, keep your content engaging and interesting. Every post must feature one of your products. Don’t make it chaotic though – insert images of your products only where it’s necessary.


    Starting designers, this is a message to you. I know how challenging it can be to gain a foothold if you’re just starting out in the fashion business.

    In fact, nearly 80% of my clients are designers who haven’t attended any designers school. They do have the idea in mind. They do have the goal in mind.

    But they don’t necessarily have the right plan to figure out how the fashion business works. So I’m here to give you some guidance to get you on the right path.

    Most of my clients often get confused early on. Fashion business is so vast and sophisticated that if you don’t have a well-outlined plan, then you can easily get off the track.

    That’s why I’m encouraging aspiring designers to find out everything about how fashion business works before actually becoming a part of it. Think: googling or seeking advice from a fashion consultant like myself.

    When starting designers get into this business, they think it’s only about sewing things and selling them. Not really.

    The fashion business is a sophisticated mechanism that should work like a clock from the moment you start working on sketches up to the moment your customer has paid for that item and started wearing it.

    Between these two points, there’s so much going on: finding material, setting prices, social media marketing, blogging, engaging customers….

    It’s also no less important to know what you’re after in this business. If your goal is just selling clothing for fun, then there’s probably no need to hurry the whole process.

    But if you want to emerge as a well-established brand, then you might want to do everything properly and pay attention to the tiniest details.

    However, don’t expect to find success overnight, as it takes time to truly build your brand from scratch


    The growing role of the Internet in the fashion business gives brands and designers a set of unique marketing opportunities. Social networking opportunities can become powerful tools in your marketing strategy. With the growing popularity of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr, there are many ways you can use social media for marketing:


    The word ‘giveaway’ alone is one of the test-and-true marketing boosters. You can do a giveaway in the form of a Snapchat video featuring things you’re giving away; Instagram image featuring the item you’re giving away or simply a post on Twitter. The greatest way to get maximum marketing results from a social media giveaway is to make sure people are spreading the word about you through their social media channels (reposting, retweeting, posting your hashtags, following you, etc.) Come up with something that will get people to spread the word about you before actually giving away your giveaway item.

    Instagram contest

    Get your followers to participate in a photo contest on Instagram, where participants will need to upload their photos wearing YOUR BRAND’s items. Only photos featuring your clothes are eligible for this contest. Then count the votes for each participant and determine the winner. The winner (or top 2, top 3 winners) gets your merchandise. This strategy is great because in order to get something for free from you, people will have to buy your clothing first to be eligible for the contest. These are just two sample ways how you can effectively and quickly expand your customer base. But keeping your social media accounts active and constantly updating them with news about your brand or your clothes is a must to create an attractive brand image in the eyes of your potential followers and customers. Social media marketing should be an essential tool in your overall marketing strategy.

    Do you think you have what it takes to be in fashion business, but you are not quite sure what your place in it is exactly? Then this article is exactly for you! I’ve been asked numerous times by people who are passionate about fashion, “Hey, I love fashion. Can I make myself useful at least on any area of this business?” Here’s my answer: “Absolutely!” Below, I’ve listed one of the most prosperous and demanding fashion business opportunities in 2017.

    Fashion designing

    Although it may seem as if there is fierce competition going on in fashion business, fashion designing remains a very demanding position. In order you succeed, you’ll need: to be skilled in numerous things, including drawing, sawing difficult fabric, seeing concepts in three dimensions, having the understanding of color and texture… and many many other things. All in all, if you’re passionate about designing clothes and you’re doing it as a hobby, why not start making a living of it?

    Fashion blogger

    If you love analyzing latest fashion trends, you know a thing or two about fashion business, you want to share latest details about fashion brands – then blogging and social media might be your sweet place in fashion business.

    Fashion Magazine

    Having your own fashion magazine is tough, but it’s not impossible. While this can be a very profitable business, make sure you have at least a few ideas on how to make your magazine stand out from the rest of fashion magazines out there.

    Fashion YouTube show

    If starting your own fashion magazine doesn’t sound too cool for you, how about starting your own YouTube fashion show where you would share fashion tips and review the latest news in the fashion industry.

    Fashion boutique/Retailing

    If you’re more of the ‘I love to sell clothes, not make or review it’ type, then starting a fashion retailing outfit might be your thing. You can choose what area to specialize on, shoes, dresses, suits, makeup, perfumes – or all at once. Or maybe have your fashion retailing outfit targeting one specific target customer: men, women, children, etc.

      My clients often ask me to explain why they aren’t seeing the sales they want. Well, I’ve studied enough sales strategies of numerous fashion brands to say this: you’re unintentionally killing your sales in business.

    Your website drags you down

    In the year of 2017, having a well-built and sophisticated website for your fashion brand (+ well-planned social media campaign) is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g not only for your brand reputation but also sales. Hey, bad news is this – if you’ve created a simple website and occasionally post something on social media, no one will want to buy your stuff. Sad but true. It will take some time (and finances) to build a website that truly helps you SELL your products. You’ll have to hire a team of professionals who will regularly update your website’s content and keep it fresh and trendy. Social media linking, blogging, SEO, brand awareness, imagery, product descriptions – all of these things are vital factors to consider when working on your own website.

    You’re having too many discounts too often

    Although that might seem like the perfect strategy to attract customers and boost sales, it actually makes you look desperate for attention. Having sales and promos too often, or putting everything 50% off on a quarterly basis is no good strategy for sales. Make discounts special – something for your customers to look forward to.

    You’re afraid to sell

    It happens with many (practically all) designers – they are afraid to sell. I’m seeing this constantly: designers don’t think some of their pieces are worthy, and they underestimate their fashion business. To always stay on the right track, remind yourself these things when you’re feeling afraid to sell:
    • Your products are useful to the customer for this and that reason.
    • You started your fashion business for a reason.
    • If people are buying clothes from (*insert the name of your rivaling brand here*), why wouldn’t they buy my stuff?
    These 3 things are very damaging to sales strategies of so many aspiring brands out there. Don’t make those mistakes!

      You’ve probably heard about the latest fashion branding trend called pop up shops. A pop up shop is a temporary venue that offers retail experiences. By producing a pop shop you get to boost your sales, educate yourself and your customers, test what’s working and what’s not as well as get a better understanding of who is your target customer. The pop up strategy involves ‘popping up’ one day at any location, then disappearing anywhere from one day to several weeks later. When asked by my clients about whether the pop up shop trend is some hyped up temporary trend, I tell them that there are actually quite a few reasons why producing a pop up store could boost your fashion business.

    What’s the point of pop up shop?

    When considering if you do or don’t need to product a pop up shop, think about these points:
    • Your online sales may be soaring and your e-Commerce strategy is doing wonders to your brand, but combining your online efforts with offline initiatives boosts your brand’s reputation in the eyes of customers. That’s a fact.
    • Pop ups are used for the purpose of marketing. Producing a pop up store helps you build awareness as well as get in touch with your target customer.
    • When your customers know you’re producing a pop up shop, they tend to spread the word about you.
    • A pop up shop gives you the unique opportunity to get to know in what direction your target customer’s tastes and fashion preferences are changing.

    Pop up shop: The benefits

    But there also 4 specific benefits of producing a pop up store:
    1. Boost your sales and build brand awareness;
    2. Test what’s working out and what’s not;
    3. Get to know your customer;
    4. Get people talking about your brand.
    While setting a pop up shop is not a vital part of branding, it could make a significant difference.
  • Jewellery Arabia 2016: Luxury watches, stones and jewellery

    Jewellery Arabia 2016: Luxury watches, stones and jewellery

    ja2016 Jewellery Arabia 2016 returns to Bahrain with its 25th edition. The five-day event will be held from November 22 through November 26 and will showcase over 600 exhibitors from 30 countries. The major event will be held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa. The event will take place at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre. Exhibitors from all around the world are bringing tons of glitz and glamour this year. This year’s edition of Jewellery Arabia will include exhibitions of luxury watches, finished jewellery, precious stones and many other expensive things. All of the exhibited pieces will be on sale at the event. One of the greatest things about the event is that it’s open free of charge to the public. Jewellery Arabia has been held annually since 1992 and it has grown and expanded by the year. Today, the event is considered to be the largest and most crucial marketplace for luxury timepieces and finished jewellery in the Middle East. Jewellery Arabia 2016 will be home to world famous watch and jewellery houses, which return every year to showcase their latest creations and innovations. The event will surely include high-profile international brand names. Many of the major brands use Jewellery Arabia as a platform to introduce and spread their limited edition watches and exclusive collections to the Middle East buyers. Each year, delegations from 9 countries return to the event. The list of these leading jewellery export countries includes the U.K., the U.S., Turkey, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Jewellery Arabia also serves as a great platform for emerging and leading jewelers from Bahrain and other Middle East countries. On the sidelines of the exhibition, Middle East Jewellery of the Year Awards will take place on November 21 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.
  • Paris Fashion Week 2016: Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci

    Paris Fashion Week 2016: Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci

    Paris Fashion Week 2016 is currently making headlines in the fashion world. But it were Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci who truly stunned guests with their design creations. Chloe When working with her Paris Fashion Week collection for Chloe, the creative director of the brand Clare Waight Keller was inspired by her own needs in clothing. She asked herself questions such as, “what today’s clothing lacks to make me fully satisfied?” For the upcoming season, Chloe thinks sports shorts and loose blouses should be included in the wardrobe of modern fashionistas. Keller also featured frills in her collection and even made them ever more voluminous and noticeable. Chloe has once again proved that femininity and romance will always be the brand’s top priorities. par-1 Isabel Marant Isabel Marant sure knows what’s French chic. Her collections are always feminine and relaxed at the same time, while also staying elegant and simple. And she believes that the next Spring-Summer 2017 season must combine these qualities as well. Her Paris Fashion Week collection included floral blouses, cargo pants, jumpsuits, under-belt corsets and mini dresses (because we all know how romantic and love-flavoring Paris evenings can be!). par-2 Nina Ricci With his collection, the creative director of Nina Ricci, Guillaume Henry, says that the world is constantly changing and we should adopt these changes. Henry has always been known for featuring bourgeois vibes in his collections, but this time the designer decided to mix it with sports motives and clothes that usually wear workers. But Nina Ricci fans, don’t worry! The clothing is still as feminine as elegant as the brand has always had them. But this time Henry made it a lot more comfortable and casual-like, which is a great thing especially considering the fact that many of us wear more casual clothes on daily basis. par-3
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