Hiring a team of professionals for your fashion business is always tough. In fact, this is a common problem for any business, be it fashion, jewelry making or management business. But when it comes to clothing manufacturing business, there are certain rules to follow to truly get the right people into your team. First and foremost, you only need people who are passionate about fashion and everything that has to do with manufacturing, selling and advertising clothes. Don’t just hire anyone who wants to make but doesn’t care about what’s they’re doing to get that salary. This is why I always encourage my clients to pay a closer attention during job interviews. In fact, I do encourage you to get creative during job interviews, as testing your candidate’s creativity is top priority when hiring a team of professionals.

    What type of people to hire?

    But the biggest difference between hiring professionals in the fashion business and any other industry is that you’d be better off hiring people from your brand’s target customer segment. Meaning: if your fashion brand focuses on underwear for women, make sure you hire a photographer who knows how photograph women in underwear and is passionate about underwear.

    What about gender?

    The rest of your team must be no less passionate about women’s underwear. In case you’re wondering (as many of my clients have when they started out), there’s no difference in hiring a female photographer or male photographer. Gender plays no role whatsoever in hiring a team of professionals for your fashion business, it rather plays a much bigger role what set of skills each member of your team possesses and how each and every of them is able to work in the team. However, if your fashion brand is focused solely on women’s clothing, then you’d be better off hiring a predominantly-female team of professionals.

    As a fashion consultant, I know quite a few tricks to increase your online fashion sales in an instant.   However, whenever my clients ask me to outline key steps to boosting your sales, my response is: “Let’s improve the way you present your products to customers.”   When you’re walking around a physical fashion store of a prestigious fashion brand, you can clearly see that this brand has invested heavily on making its displays attractive.   In fact, each of these brands make each of their products MATTER. And so should you, even if you’re selling only online.   The key to selling fashion products on eCommerce websites is to learn how to communicate visually with your customers to not only engage them, but also make them want to try your products on.   Since in order to try on a product you see on an online website you have to buy it, you need to convince your potential customers that this particular product will look absolutely stunning on them.   Take your camera, and… The best way to do it is through detailed description of the product as well as multiple photos of the products from all angles, including its sewing and other little details.   You need to convince your customers about the product value. That’s why I encourage you to feature close-up shots of the following: fasteners (buttons, hooks, etc.), material of the fabric (make sure your camera is Full HD), stitching and seaming, logos and emblems and brand tag.   These details – they may seem insignificant – but if you pay attention to such seemingly insignificant and little details, your online fashion sales will pay off.   Description matters, too As for the description, you need to describe each and every of your items with an eye-catching not-very lengthy text, which will not only provide all the relevant information about the product but also convince your customers why they would benefit from having this particular item in their wardrobe

    Do you think you have what it takes to be in fashion business, but you are not quite sure what your place in it is exactly? Then this article is exactly for you! I’ve been asked numerous times by people who are passionate about fashion, “Hey, I love fashion. Can I make myself useful at least on any area of this business?” Here’s my answer: “Absolutely!” Below, I’ve listed one of the most prosperous and demanding fashion business opportunities in 2017.

    Fashion designing

    Although it may seem as if there is fierce competition going on in fashion business, fashion designing remains a very demanding position. In order you succeed, you’ll need: to be skilled in numerous things, including drawing, sawing difficult fabric, seeing concepts in three dimensions, having the understanding of color and texture… and many many other things. All in all, if you’re passionate about designing clothes and you’re doing it as a hobby, why not start making a living of it?

    Fashion blogger

    If you love analyzing latest fashion trends, you know a thing or two about fashion business, you want to share latest details about fashion brands – then blogging and social media might be your sweet place in fashion business.

    Fashion Magazine

    Having your own fashion magazine is tough, but it’s not impossible. While this can be a very profitable business, make sure you have at least a few ideas on how to make your magazine stand out from the rest of fashion magazines out there.

    Fashion YouTube show

    If starting your own fashion magazine doesn’t sound too cool for you, how about starting your own YouTube fashion show where you would share fashion tips and review the latest news in the fashion industry.

    Fashion boutique/Retailing

    If you’re more of the ‘I love to sell clothes, not make or review it’ type, then starting a fashion retailing outfit might be your thing. You can choose what area to specialize on, shoes, dresses, suits, makeup, perfumes – or all at once. Or maybe have your fashion retailing outfit targeting one specific target customer: men, women, children, etc.
  • Jewellery Arabia 2016: Luxury watches, stones and jewellery

    Jewellery Arabia 2016: Luxury watches, stones and jewellery

    ja2016 Jewellery Arabia 2016 returns to Bahrain with its 25th edition. The five-day event will be held from November 22 through November 26 and will showcase over 600 exhibitors from 30 countries. The major event will be held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa. The event will take place at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre. Exhibitors from all around the world are bringing tons of glitz and glamour this year. This year’s edition of Jewellery Arabia will include exhibitions of luxury watches, finished jewellery, precious stones and many other expensive things. All of the exhibited pieces will be on sale at the event. One of the greatest things about the event is that it’s open free of charge to the public. Jewellery Arabia has been held annually since 1992 and it has grown and expanded by the year. Today, the event is considered to be the largest and most crucial marketplace for luxury timepieces and finished jewellery in the Middle East. Jewellery Arabia 2016 will be home to world famous watch and jewellery houses, which return every year to showcase their latest creations and innovations. The event will surely include high-profile international brand names. Many of the major brands use Jewellery Arabia as a platform to introduce and spread their limited edition watches and exclusive collections to the Middle East buyers. Each year, delegations from 9 countries return to the event. The list of these leading jewellery export countries includes the U.K., the U.S., Turkey, Hong Kong, Italy, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Jewellery Arabia also serves as a great platform for emerging and leading jewelers from Bahrain and other Middle East countries. On the sidelines of the exhibition, Middle East Jewellery of the Year Awards will take place on November 21 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.
  • Paris Fashion Week 2016: Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci

    Paris Fashion Week 2016: Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci

    Paris Fashion Week 2016 is currently making headlines in the fashion world. But it were Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci who truly stunned guests with their design creations. Chloe When working with her Paris Fashion Week collection for Chloe, the creative director of the brand Clare Waight Keller was inspired by her own needs in clothing. She asked herself questions such as, “what today’s clothing lacks to make me fully satisfied?” For the upcoming season, Chloe thinks sports shorts and loose blouses should be included in the wardrobe of modern fashionistas. Keller also featured frills in her collection and even made them ever more voluminous and noticeable. Chloe has once again proved that femininity and romance will always be the brand’s top priorities. par-1 Isabel Marant Isabel Marant sure knows what’s French chic. Her collections are always feminine and relaxed at the same time, while also staying elegant and simple. And she believes that the next Spring-Summer 2017 season must combine these qualities as well. Her Paris Fashion Week collection included floral blouses, cargo pants, jumpsuits, under-belt corsets and mini dresses (because we all know how romantic and love-flavoring Paris evenings can be!). par-2 Nina Ricci With his collection, the creative director of Nina Ricci, Guillaume Henry, says that the world is constantly changing and we should adopt these changes. Henry has always been known for featuring bourgeois vibes in his collections, but this time the designer decided to mix it with sports motives and clothes that usually wear workers. But Nina Ricci fans, don’t worry! The clothing is still as feminine as elegant as the brand has always had them. But this time Henry made it a lot more comfortable and casual-like, which is a great thing especially considering the fact that many of us wear more casual clothes on daily basis. par-3
  • REVIEW: London Fashion Week’s Spring 2017 Trends

    REVIEW: London Fashion Week’s Spring 2017 Trends

    London Fashion Week has brought us new Spring 2017 Fashion trends, and we couldn’t be more grateful! And I, Ramez Basmaji, will review some of the major London Fashion Week 2016 trends and tell you which ones should be IN YOUR WARDROBE and which ones you should ignore. PUFFY SLEEVES lon1 A number of designers at this year’s London fashion event have brought back the ‘80s trend to rock street looks all around the world in spring 2017 – puffy sleeves. Try it on, but note that it might not suit your style. Like, at all! 1yellow GINGHAM CHECKS lon2 Who would have thought even a few years ago that gingham would become so popular in 2016 and 2017? At London Fashion Week, fashion designers reworked the classic picnic checks to make it wearable and stylish for everyone next year. Pretty interesting. You can try it out to see if it works for you. 1green KHAKI FULL-ON lon3 Khaki has been trendy for several years now, but in spring 2017 it will be even trendier to wear the full-on khaki look. Get ready to see lots of khaki clothing in London next year! Deserves a green light from me. 1green CUTOUTS lon4 Whether it’s shoulder cutouts or a scrappy neckline, give it all a chance next spring, as Christopher Kane and Erdem want you to feel more feminine in sexy cutouts. Cutouts on the area of your hips. Or cutting out a belt on the dress – that’s the kind of novelty looks I recommend going for. 1green LARGE SLEEVES lon5 If you don’t mind looking like a long-arm bubble man or woman, check out this new trend from London Fashion Week, which suggests wearing sleeves that extend far past your fingerprints is super stylish. But trust me from my fashion experience, such outrageous styles are just an attempt to set a new trend. And trust me, you won’t look stylish with XL sleeves. You’ll look funny. That’s it. 1red ROCK ‘N’ ROLL lon6 Denim, just like khaki, has been a major fashion trend for a while now, but for the next year, London designers want you to try on ultra-distressed frayed denim styles that sure look rock ‘n’ roll. Looks great. Some looks may refresh your overall style. 1green
  • Trendiest Fall-Winter 2016/2017 Handbags

    Trendiest Fall-Winter 2016/2017 Handbags

    The handbags presented by top fashion designers for this fall and winter 2016/2017 can be divided into several categories. Some feature classic forms and colors, while others can be worn only on some special occasions. And there is also the third category of handbags, which dictates to wear them only with outrageous looks. Crossbody bag New fashionable crossbody bags have been presented by Prada, Givenchy, Chloe and Marni this season. And while the four brands have created many others types of handbags, everybody is going crazy for their crossbody bags. hand1 Bucket-bag This type of handbags is best suited for everyday looks. Look for such brands as Lanvin, Ralph Lauren and Alexander Wang. Hobo bag Round forms of handbags are becoming more and more popular among fashionistas. Hobo, half-crescent and cowboy bags are certainly trendy this season. The best brands to look for are Jason Wu, Hugo Boss and Altuzarra. hand2 Satchel, tout and shopper bags It’s nearly impossible to find something in such a bag, but you can always find the department that will fit pretty much anything in there. Look for such brands Loewe, Maison Martin Margiela, Mulberry and Balenciaga. Baguettes and flap-bags But Lanvin and Christian Dior want to remind us that a woman needs a handbag to fit only the most essential and tiniest things, and is not suited for shopping. Such bags can be comfortably worn on both the shoulders and in hands. hand3 Boxes and suitcases Such handbags fit the most essential things: from makeup products to hygiene products and even your mini laptop. If you have never tried this type before, it’s best to try it. Handbags on your belt Attaching handbags on your belt is a new trend of this fall-winter 2016/2017 season, so look for such handbags from brands Chanel and Prada. hand4
  • Beyoncé launches Lemonade collection, trendy 2016 jeans to wear

    Beyoncé launches Lemonade collection, trendy 2016 jeans to wear

    Beyoncé’s scandalous album Lemonade, released earlier this year, brought the singer not only inspiration and rumors about her divorce with Jay Z, but also ideas to create a new clothes collection. beyonce-1 Beyoncé is launching a collection of clothes and accessories in theme with her controversial album. The 34-year-old singer recently made headlines by jumping off a 30-feet yacht, but she isn’t planning to stop surprising her fans just yet. In April this year, Beyoncé released her new album Lemonade and the singer is currently touring around the world. But it appears that just giving concerts is not enough for Beyoncé to promote her latest album, as the signer is also launching a new Lemonade clothes collection. beyonce-2 It’s been several months since the singer launched her Ivy Park collection, and now she is presenting her Lemonade collection, which features sweatshirts, T-shirts, baseball caps, smartphone cases, and embroiders with Lemons and mini-Beyoncés in a yellow dress. The collection is already available for sale on Beyoncé Shop online shop. The price for Lemonade items ranges from $25 to $60. — But if you’re more interested in what jeans are trendy this fall, I can easily help you with that. Skinny jeans are once again entering the most fashionable catwalks, which means we should expect this type of jeans on the streets in fall. And it looks like boyfriend jeans are now being replaced by loose cut jeans with a medium high waist. beyonce-3 High waist is a new trend of its own. Skinny girls especially benefit from this type of jeans, as they can easily tuck blouses and shirts in their jeans. Botchery, fringes, cuts, ripped jeans and other creative details are still a trendy attribute of jeans this season. beyonce-4 It’s also trendy to wear jeans with asymmetrical pant legs. In fact, the more it looks as if your jeans were sewn from two completely different pairs of jeans, the trendier it is.
  • Must have fashion Fall 2016 trends

    Must have fashion Fall 2016 trends

    Fall 2016 will be bright and at the same time constrained, brave and at the same time very feminine. I’ll now list the main must have fashion trends for this upcoming season. Colors The most popular color of Fall 2016 is canary-yellow, fuschia and lilac. They can be used for pretty much every attribute of your wardrobe, including shoes. Blue and pink quartz are not going anywhere though, as they still remain trendy this fall. Ruffles It’s now trendy to use ruffles not only on dresses and blouses but also on the outer garment such as coats. Handkerchief Handkerchiefs with a knot tied under the chin is trendy this season. It’s best complemented with high heel shoes and sunglasses. musthave-1 Leather Leather will help you achieve balance with soft notes of this fashionable season and make your look stylish and modern. A leather jacket is a trend No. 1 in Fall 2016. musthave-2 Oversize Oversize clothes have been trendy for a few seasons in a row now. But this season they are even more trendy, it appears. So go get some oversize pieces into your wardrobe. Sparkling dress A sparkling dress will not only make you the queen of some party but also the trendies girl in town. Metalized fabrics and sparking crystals is what’s trendy to have on a dress this season. musthave-3 Motoracing Motoracing-like jumpers are becoming a super-fashionable trend this season. They can be made from leather, hosiery and even velvet. Portrait print The trendies kind of print in Fall 2016 is a large print, and ideally – it should be a portrait print, which would attract the eyes of everybody passing by you. Cut-away shoulders A deep décolleté is not as trendy as cut-away shoulders nowadays. This trend allows girls to look both delicate and sexy at the same time.
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