• Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017 Review

    Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017 Review

    Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has held a Fashion Week this year. And while the event became the most major event for the fashion industry in Eastern Europe, there were many fashion lessons and trends the rest of the world can learn. Local Copenhagen designers have shown what Danish fashionistas will be wearing the next summer. But it’s not just Danish people Copenhagen fashion designers are targeting at this year’s Fashion Week, as they also want the rest of the world adopt new trends. copen-1 This year, Copenhagen Fashion Week lasted only 3 days, and in those 3 days fashion models have enough time to the best creations of local fashion designers. So what are the things that will be trendy, according to Danish fashionistas? Slippers and mules of all kinds will be a must have next year, while Danish fashion designers also like the contrast print. And if you thought it’s unacceptable to wear sandals and toeless peeps with socks and even colorful tights, you’ve been wrong all along! Danish fashion designers think it’s a great fashion solution. In fact, they also think leopard print will be trendy next year. But not on just any piece of clothing, but on a demi-season coat. copen-2 Khaki and military is still in trend, just like they were one or two years ago. It seems like those two fashion tendencies are staying for long with us. Floral prints with a little bit of chinoiserie style looks great in combination with pajama suits, light blouses and country-style dresses, Danish designers think. copen-3 Copenhagen Fashion Week was also full of denim and sport chic. But in particular, it’s the denim jeans jacket of the ‘90s style with various embroideries and badges that will be especially trendy next season. And of course, shirts. The more shirts in your wardrobe the trendier you’ll be next season.
  • Gigi Hadid unveils new collection with Tommy Hilfiger, 2016 Fall Fashion trends

    Gigi Hadid unveils new collection with Tommy Hilfiger, 2016 Fall Fashion trends

    One of the most popular models of our generation, Gigi Hadid, and a popular American designer, Tommy Hilfiger, are creating a new collection together. In the collection, the duo are hoping to reflect America’s modern style, in which the main elements of Hadid’s style look in great harmony with the best traditions of the brand. gigi-1 The Girl perfume also comes along with the collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. In the ad campaign of the perfume, Hadid was the one who presented it. Tommy Hilfiger said in his statement about the upcoming collection that it will be a whole new, playful and romantic view on the sea theme. The designer added that Hadid is a great fashion partner, as they discussed every tiny element of the collection. gigi-2 Hilfiger also added that Hadid stunned him with her honesty during the working process, the result of which clearly shows her enthusiasm and creativity. 2016 Fall Fashion trends In other news, I, Ramez Basmaji, have prepared a list of the trendiest of trends of this coming fall. First of all, it’s velvet and silk velvet. This is one of the most extraordinary and oldest fabric, which currently dominates the world’s best catwalks. It surely means that you can buy pretty much any piece of clothing that is made of velvet and look fashionable this fall. gigi-3 Second of all, striped suits. Women have already adopted some parts of men’s wardrobe: pants, shirts and even ties. But this season, women are taking even more than that: striped suits. This coming fall season, it will be more feminine than ever. Shapeless and too manly forms and shades have gotten feminine this season, which looks very sexy on both young and mature women. So if you’re a woman and you opt for a classy black jacket, pants and a striped shirt, you look not only extra feminine but also extra trendy.
  • 5 top shoe fashion trends for Spring 2016

    5 top shoe fashion trends for Spring 2016

    This season, many designers decided to step away from the classics and showcased bright colors at catwalks around the world. Collections also featured original design and colorful prints. That’s why if you still haven’t gotten yourself a pair of shoes for spring 2016, here are some trendy suggestions. More →
  • New trends from bridal fashion shows

    New trends from bridal fashion shows

    This month has been all about bridal trends. The world has seen presentations from various top bridal fashion brands, but this time Swedish fashion brand H&M presented its collection of elegant lingerie that is perfectly suited for wedding and honeymoon. More →
  • Culottes: hottest fashion trend in 2016

    Culottes: hottest fashion trend in 2016

    A few years back, culottes won the hearts of fashionistas with its rather brave model style. In 2016, culottes have officially become the must-have item of this fashion season. More →
  • Shoe fashion trends 2016

    Shoe fashion trends 2016

    There is no such thing as ‘too many shoes’. But you must be picky when choosing your shoes for the season. Before going shopping, look at current and upcoming fashion trends and make sure they match your overall clothing style. More →
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