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I bring a crafted and inspired approach to every project I work on, which is why my clients love me and why they keep coming back.


Few companies get to be brands and for those who make it, it is never enough since the customers you earlier had, need to know about the change and expand also on your number customers. This is done through brand awareness where the knowledge about your brand is made known to the public and this is what we provide to our clients, with our intensive experience we understand best what you need.


Most brands engage in fashion campaigns with the aim of introducing their latest fashion designs to the market, these is done through fashion shows, modeling shows, photo shoots, video making and others and that’s where we step in. We at Fabusse, provide services in such events by organizing them and ensure that they are unforgettable and a total success when it comes to your business performance.


Apart from keeping up with the latest trends, providing new styles and designs, a fashion industry is still a business therefore requires to be seen growing as time goes by and this is what business development is. However, for a business to develop there has to be set plans, strategies and objectives that will act as measure of achievements for a period time.


We at Fabusse, not only understand how different web designing is to designing the website you require and according to the latest fashion. Our skills are based on creativity and years of knowledge about the demands of the fashion industry ensuring that whatever we produce for our clients is of up to date, excellent, attractive and one of the best in the fashion industry.

Online marketing

We at Fabusse acknowledge how fast the globe is changing and the implication of the internet to the fashion industry. We have a strong basis of online marketing strategies that most clients are constantly satisfied with. These top notch internet and online marketing services are best tailored for fashion designers, fashion bloggers and fashion retailers at very affordable rates.

Digital marketing

Our main focus in digital marketing is availing our clients with an integrated digital marketing service that infuses aspects of SEO, lead nurturing, marketing automation, social media, email marketing, MMS or SMS, television etc. They in turn promote a more appealing set of marketing activities that result in demand and growth of brand.


Education is a basic part of the day to day life for any person interested in the fashion industry since there is always much to learn each and every day that’s why we at Fabusse have integrated education as a basic part of our services. With extensive partnerships with schools in Italy and France that do foster fashion in their curriculum has made it possible for us to offer these services to our clients.


Media has proven the fastest means for mass marketing and promotion especially when it comes to fashion brands. We at Fabusse have taken an extra step in marketing to enable your product or fashion brand and line reach the next level. We have invested in media in the appropriate places and ventured and collaborated with the correct investors to ensure your success.

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