• The Yarn Fabric & Accessories Show 2016: Event for Indian and foreign manufacturers

    The Yarn Fabric & Accessories Show 2016: Event for Indian and foreign manufacturers

    The Yarn Fabric & Accessories Show (YFA) 2016, which runs from November 23 through 26, 2016 in New Delhi offers guests to immerse themselves into the world of fiber, yarn, fabric and apparel accessories. Apart from offering some major bonuses to the guests, this year’s YFA will help suppliers from these four segments connect with their potential buyers, while the latter will have a unique chance to convey their thoughts on how to improve the apparel industry in India. yfa2016 The YFA event also has a goal to present the Indian market to foreign companies and show them that India is an attractive and profitable place to start their textiles and apparels businesses. The event also offers local Indian textile and apparel companies to show off their creations and get closer to their buyers. The greatest thing about the YFA 2016 for both foreign and Indian suppliers is that there will be many buyers from around the world. In fact, Chinese, Pakistani, American, British, Italian, Thai and many other buyers have already signed up to arrive in November for the event. India is one of the biggest hubs manufacturing textiles and apparel in South Asia, and it has largely grown in the past years, so no wonder why the YFA 2016 is getting worldwide attention. At this year’s YFA, more than 250 brands have already signed up to participate at the event. There will be a wide specter of suppliers: big, medium and small ones. The manufacturers are from more than 15 countries, while there will be an estimated 15,000 visitors at the event, meaning that for each brand taking part in the event, it’ll be a great chance to showcase their range of products. The YFA 2016 also offers a number of bonuses, including free tickets and accommodation for VIP Buyers, seminars and roundtables involving some of the event’s brands, planned B2B meetings between the brands and visitors, an exclusive invite for Grand Networking Dinner and Gala Night, as well as many other offerings. The YFA 2016 will run from November 23 through 26 at the NSIC Exhibition Complex, New Delhi, India.
  • New York Fashion Week or Kanye West’s hottest show

    New York Fashion Week or Kanye West’s hottest show

    American rapper Kanye West has recently presented his latest collection called Yeezy Season 4 on the New York Fashion Week. And the collection immediately became the coolest and the most anticipated show of the New York Fashion Week 2016. yeezy-2 It’s no secret that West is a guru of self-promotion and advertising for his own benefit. And West, who claims he is better than God, presented the collection that actually lived up to its expectations. The show was presented at the Roosevelt island, and more than 500 models showed up to participated in the casting. All of the girls had different body types and different colors of skin, which means West is looking to abandon the standardized and clichéd skinny white girls models. yeezy-1 In fact, some of the girls clearly flaunted cellulite on their bodies, but it didn’t prevent them to put up a loud and highly-anticipated, yet controversial show of the New York Fashion Week. Therefore, West makes a smart move this season, he’s looking to get loaded on cash from sales of clothes targeting girl with not-so-perfect bodies. West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, showed up an hour and 15 minutes late for the show, while the show was delayed for 2 hours. But most notably, at the very beginning of his collection, West was accused in featuring only multi-racial models. As for the clothes, the collection featured sophisticated and trendy bras, tops, bodies that looked in harmony with particular skin colors, military jackets, hoodies with long sleeves and transparent jack-boots, which Kim Kardashian was boasting recently in public, making a great promotional move for her husband. yeezy-3 But in my opinion, the loudest highlight from Yeezy Season 4 collection is its over-knee-boots, which I predict will become the trendiest foot-wear of 2016 fall. Overall, the latest collection by West is a clear confirmation of his own words: “People who want to make things as dope as possible, and, by default, make money from it.”
  • Rachel Comey, Diesel and Jimmy Choo present new 2016 collections

    Rachel Comey, Diesel and Jimmy Choo present new 2016 collections

    Rachel Comey is a popular American fashion brand that produces clothes, shoes and accessories. The main special feature of the brand is its androgynal dresses, which can be worn by both men and women. comey1 comey2 comey3 The designer expresses her love for Rock n Roll style and retro and it all can be seen in the clothes: elegant and exquisite silhouettes, vanguard prints and excellent fit – it’s all about Rachel Comey clothing. And in its Pre-Fall 2016 collection, Rachel Comey offers original casual everyday clothes: jeans shirts decorated with nets, jeans tunic of medium length, pants of high fit, dresses with voluminous sleeves. — Diesel is a famous Italian fashion brand that also produces shoes, perfumes, accessories and underwear. The most popular and recognizable detail of the brand is jeans. comey4 comey5 Diesel Black Gold is a line of clothing and accessories of premium class, which the brand presented at Fashion Week in New York. In its new collection, Diesel managed to turn regular casual clothes into original outfits that meet all criteria of a casual style: simplicity, comfort and style. — You’ve probably heard of Jimmy Choo. And quite a lot lately (thanks to some popular songs). Well, this popular British fashion brand of men and women’s shoes, perfumes and accessofies was founded in 1996 by two designers Jimmy Choo and Vogue accessories editor Tamara Mellon. The current creative director of the brand is Jimmy Choo’s niece Sandra Choi. comey6 comey7 Jimmy Choo’s Pre-Fall collection is filled with retro shoes models, unexpected and original designs (like, leopard prints), the so-popular colors metallic and gold as well as court shoes, which have been gaining popularity lately. When designing the collection, Sandra Choi admitted she had been inspirited by Edith Minturn ‘Edie’ Sedgwick, American actress and muse of Andy Warhol.