• Paris Fashion Week 2016: Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci

    Paris Fashion Week 2016: Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci

    Paris Fashion Week 2016 is currently making headlines in the fashion world. But it were Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci who truly stunned guests with their design creations. Chloe When working with her Paris Fashion Week collection for Chloe, the creative director of the brand Clare Waight Keller was inspired by her own needs in clothing. She asked herself questions such as, “what today’s clothing lacks to make me fully satisfied?” For the upcoming season, Chloe thinks sports shorts and loose blouses should be included in the wardrobe of modern fashionistas. Keller also featured frills in her collection and even made them ever more voluminous and noticeable. Chloe has once again proved that femininity and romance will always be the brand’s top priorities. par-1 Isabel Marant Isabel Marant sure knows what’s French chic. Her collections are always feminine and relaxed at the same time, while also staying elegant and simple. And she believes that the next Spring-Summer 2017 season must combine these qualities as well. Her Paris Fashion Week collection included floral blouses, cargo pants, jumpsuits, under-belt corsets and mini dresses (because we all know how romantic and love-flavoring Paris evenings can be!). par-2 Nina Ricci With his collection, the creative director of Nina Ricci, Guillaume Henry, says that the world is constantly changing and we should adopt these changes. Henry has always been known for featuring bourgeois vibes in his collections, but this time the designer decided to mix it with sports motives and clothes that usually wear workers. But Nina Ricci fans, don’t worry! The clothing is still as feminine as elegant as the brand has always had them. But this time Henry made it a lot more comfortable and casual-like, which is a great thing especially considering the fact that many of us wear more casual clothes on daily basis. par-3
  • REVIEW: London Fashion Week’s Spring 2017 Trends

    REVIEW: London Fashion Week’s Spring 2017 Trends

    London Fashion Week has brought us new Spring 2017 Fashion trends, and we couldn’t be more grateful! And I, Ramez Basmaji, will review some of the major London Fashion Week 2016 trends and tell you which ones should be IN YOUR WARDROBE and which ones you should ignore. PUFFY SLEEVES lon1 A number of designers at this year’s London fashion event have brought back the ‘80s trend to rock street looks all around the world in spring 2017 – puffy sleeves. Try it on, but note that it might not suit your style. Like, at all! 1yellow GINGHAM CHECKS lon2 Who would have thought even a few years ago that gingham would become so popular in 2016 and 2017? At London Fashion Week, fashion designers reworked the classic picnic checks to make it wearable and stylish for everyone next year. Pretty interesting. You can try it out to see if it works for you. 1green KHAKI FULL-ON lon3 Khaki has been trendy for several years now, but in spring 2017 it will be even trendier to wear the full-on khaki look. Get ready to see lots of khaki clothing in London next year! Deserves a green light from me. 1green CUTOUTS lon4 Whether it’s shoulder cutouts or a scrappy neckline, give it all a chance next spring, as Christopher Kane and Erdem want you to feel more feminine in sexy cutouts. Cutouts on the area of your hips. Or cutting out a belt on the dress – that’s the kind of novelty looks I recommend going for. 1green LARGE SLEEVES lon5 If you don’t mind looking like a long-arm bubble man or woman, check out this new trend from London Fashion Week, which suggests wearing sleeves that extend far past your fingerprints is super stylish. But trust me from my fashion experience, such outrageous styles are just an attempt to set a new trend. And trust me, you won’t look stylish with XL sleeves. You’ll look funny. That’s it. 1red ROCK ‘N’ ROLL lon6 Denim, just like khaki, has been a major fashion trend for a while now, but for the next year, London designers want you to try on ultra-distressed frayed denim styles that sure look rock ‘n’ roll. Looks great. Some looks may refresh your overall style. 1green