• Arab Fashion Week 2016: Review

    Arab Fashion Week 2016: Review

    arab Arab Fashion Week returns to Dubai for its third season and will be held from October 6 through October 10. With the goal to promote designers from the Arab world, the event will be held in the central hotel of Dubai,  the Meydan Hotel. Arab Fashion Week, in partnership with Huawei, is a great opportunity for Arab designers to showcase their fashion creations and set new trends. In fact, Arab Fashion Week 2016 will for the first time unveil ready-couture for men, while the event will be attended by fashion experts and potential buyers. This year, the Arab Fashion Council wants the Arab Fashion Week to link the Arab fashion market with the international fashion industry. It means that Dubai has high chances of becoming the main international fashion hug and will join Milan, Paris, London and New York City. Arab Fashion Week helps young talents in Dubai showcase their collections and find potential buyers from all around the world. In fact, the fact that the event will be attended by foreign journalists means that Arab designers have an international exposure. New York designer LaQuan Smith is set to participate in the event. Smith is known for making clothes for such high-profile celebrities as Kendall Jenner, Beyoncé and Kylie Minogue. Italian couturier Giada Curti will also be among the participants and will unveil her spring-summer 2017 collection. As for the UAE-based designers, there will be Lamya Abedin, who is best known for her label Queen of Spades. Also, there will be Sheikha Alanoud Alattiya (Tiiya) as well as Aiisha Ramadan and Ingie Chalhoub (Ingie Paris). Each participant will present their spring/summer 2017 collection and each of them hopes to get international clients. In fact, organizers said they invited a lot of guests from Russia and China, because they have a growing interest in Arab fashion.