Do you think you have what it takes to be in fashion business, but you are not quite sure what your place in it is exactly? Then this article is exactly for you! I’ve been asked numerous times by people who are passionate about fashion, “Hey, I love fashion. Can I make myself useful at least on any area of this business?” Here’s my answer: “Absolutely!” Below, I’ve listed one of the most prosperous and demanding fashion business opportunities in 2017.

    Fashion designing

    Although it may seem as if there is fierce competition going on in fashion business, fashion designing remains a very demanding position. In order you succeed, you’ll need: to be skilled in numerous things, including drawing, sawing difficult fabric, seeing concepts in three dimensions, having the understanding of color and texture… and many many other things. All in all, if you’re passionate about designing clothes and you’re doing it as a hobby, why not start making a living of it?

    Fashion blogger

    If you love analyzing latest fashion trends, you know a thing or two about fashion business, you want to share latest details about fashion brands – then blogging and social media might be your sweet place in fashion business.

    Fashion Magazine

    Having your own fashion magazine is tough, but it’s not impossible. While this can be a very profitable business, make sure you have at least a few ideas on how to make your magazine stand out from the rest of fashion magazines out there.

    Fashion YouTube show

    If starting your own fashion magazine doesn’t sound too cool for you, how about starting your own YouTube fashion show where you would share fashion tips and review the latest news in the fashion industry.

    Fashion boutique/Retailing

    If you’re more of the ‘I love to sell clothes, not make or review it’ type, then starting a fashion retailing outfit might be your thing. You can choose what area to specialize on, shoes, dresses, suits, makeup, perfumes – or all at once. Or maybe have your fashion retailing outfit targeting one specific target customer: men, women, children, etc.