• Must have fashion Fall 2016 trends

    Must have fashion Fall 2016 trends

    Fall 2016 will be bright and at the same time constrained, brave and at the same time very feminine. I’ll now list the main must have fashion trends for this upcoming season. Colors The most popular color of Fall 2016 is canary-yellow, fuschia and lilac. They can be used for pretty much every attribute of your wardrobe, including shoes. Blue and pink quartz are not going anywhere though, as they still remain trendy this fall. Ruffles It’s now trendy to use ruffles not only on dresses and blouses but also on the outer garment such as coats. Handkerchief Handkerchiefs with a knot tied under the chin is trendy this season. It’s best complemented with high heel shoes and sunglasses. musthave-1 Leather Leather will help you achieve balance with soft notes of this fashionable season and make your look stylish and modern. A leather jacket is a trend No. 1 in Fall 2016. musthave-2 Oversize Oversize clothes have been trendy for a few seasons in a row now. But this season they are even more trendy, it appears. So go get some oversize pieces into your wardrobe. Sparkling dress A sparkling dress will not only make you the queen of some party but also the trendies girl in town. Metalized fabrics and sparking crystals is what’s trendy to have on a dress this season. musthave-3 Motoracing Motoracing-like jumpers are becoming a super-fashionable trend this season. They can be made from leather, hosiery and even velvet. Portrait print The trendies kind of print in Fall 2016 is a large print, and ideally – it should be a portrait print, which would attract the eyes of everybody passing by you. Cut-away shoulders A deep décolleté is not as trendy as cut-away shoulders nowadays. This trend allows girls to look both delicate and sexy at the same time.
  • Gigi Hadid unveils new collection with Tommy Hilfiger, 2016 Fall Fashion trends

    Gigi Hadid unveils new collection with Tommy Hilfiger, 2016 Fall Fashion trends

    One of the most popular models of our generation, Gigi Hadid, and a popular American designer, Tommy Hilfiger, are creating a new collection together. In the collection, the duo are hoping to reflect America’s modern style, in which the main elements of Hadid’s style look in great harmony with the best traditions of the brand. gigi-1 The Girl perfume also comes along with the collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. In the ad campaign of the perfume, Hadid was the one who presented it. Tommy Hilfiger said in his statement about the upcoming collection that it will be a whole new, playful and romantic view on the sea theme. The designer added that Hadid is a great fashion partner, as they discussed every tiny element of the collection. gigi-2 Hilfiger also added that Hadid stunned him with her honesty during the working process, the result of which clearly shows her enthusiasm and creativity. 2016 Fall Fashion trends In other news, I, Ramez Basmaji, have prepared a list of the trendiest of trends of this coming fall. First of all, it’s velvet and silk velvet. This is one of the most extraordinary and oldest fabric, which currently dominates the world’s best catwalks. It surely means that you can buy pretty much any piece of clothing that is made of velvet and look fashionable this fall. gigi-3 Second of all, striped suits. Women have already adopted some parts of men’s wardrobe: pants, shirts and even ties. But this season, women are taking even more than that: striped suits. This coming fall season, it will be more feminine than ever. Shapeless and too manly forms and shades have gotten feminine this season, which looks very sexy on both young and mature women. So if you’re a woman and you opt for a classy black jacket, pants and a striped shirt, you look not only extra feminine but also extra trendy.