• Paris Fashion Week 2016: Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci

    Paris Fashion Week 2016: Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci

    Paris Fashion Week 2016 is currently making headlines in the fashion world. But it were Chloe, Isabel Marant and Nina Ricci who truly stunned guests with their design creations. Chloe When working with her Paris Fashion Week collection for Chloe, the creative director of the brand Clare Waight Keller was inspired by her own needs in clothing. She asked herself questions such as, “what today’s clothing lacks to make me fully satisfied?” For the upcoming season, Chloe thinks sports shorts and loose blouses should be included in the wardrobe of modern fashionistas. Keller also featured frills in her collection and even made them ever more voluminous and noticeable. Chloe has once again proved that femininity and romance will always be the brand’s top priorities. par-1 Isabel Marant Isabel Marant sure knows what’s French chic. Her collections are always feminine and relaxed at the same time, while also staying elegant and simple. And she believes that the next Spring-Summer 2017 season must combine these qualities as well. Her Paris Fashion Week collection included floral blouses, cargo pants, jumpsuits, under-belt corsets and mini dresses (because we all know how romantic and love-flavoring Paris evenings can be!). par-2 Nina Ricci With his collection, the creative director of Nina Ricci, Guillaume Henry, says that the world is constantly changing and we should adopt these changes. Henry has always been known for featuring bourgeois vibes in his collections, but this time the designer decided to mix it with sports motives and clothes that usually wear workers. But Nina Ricci fans, don’t worry! The clothing is still as feminine as elegant as the brand has always had them. But this time Henry made it a lot more comfortable and casual-like, which is a great thing especially considering the fact that many of us wear more casual clothes on daily basis. par-3
  • New York Fashion Week or Kanye West’s hottest show

    New York Fashion Week or Kanye West’s hottest show

    American rapper Kanye West has recently presented his latest collection called Yeezy Season 4 on the New York Fashion Week. And the collection immediately became the coolest and the most anticipated show of the New York Fashion Week 2016. yeezy-2 It’s no secret that West is a guru of self-promotion and advertising for his own benefit. And West, who claims he is better than God, presented the collection that actually lived up to its expectations. The show was presented at the Roosevelt island, and more than 500 models showed up to participated in the casting. All of the girls had different body types and different colors of skin, which means West is looking to abandon the standardized and clichéd skinny white girls models. yeezy-1 In fact, some of the girls clearly flaunted cellulite on their bodies, but it didn’t prevent them to put up a loud and highly-anticipated, yet controversial show of the New York Fashion Week. Therefore, West makes a smart move this season, he’s looking to get loaded on cash from sales of clothes targeting girl with not-so-perfect bodies. West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, showed up an hour and 15 minutes late for the show, while the show was delayed for 2 hours. But most notably, at the very beginning of his collection, West was accused in featuring only multi-racial models. As for the clothes, the collection featured sophisticated and trendy bras, tops, bodies that looked in harmony with particular skin colors, military jackets, hoodies with long sleeves and transparent jack-boots, which Kim Kardashian was boasting recently in public, making a great promotional move for her husband. yeezy-3 But in my opinion, the loudest highlight from Yeezy Season 4 collection is its over-knee-boots, which I predict will become the trendiest foot-wear of 2016 fall. Overall, the latest collection by West is a clear confirmation of his own words: “People who want to make things as dope as possible, and, by default, make money from it.”
  • Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017 Review

    Copenhagen Fashion Week 2017 Review

    Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has held a Fashion Week this year. And while the event became the most major event for the fashion industry in Eastern Europe, there were many fashion lessons and trends the rest of the world can learn. Local Copenhagen designers have shown what Danish fashionistas will be wearing the next summer. But it’s not just Danish people Copenhagen fashion designers are targeting at this year’s Fashion Week, as they also want the rest of the world adopt new trends. copen-1 This year, Copenhagen Fashion Week lasted only 3 days, and in those 3 days fashion models have enough time to the best creations of local fashion designers. So what are the things that will be trendy, according to Danish fashionistas? Slippers and mules of all kinds will be a must have next year, while Danish fashion designers also like the contrast print. And if you thought it’s unacceptable to wear sandals and toeless peeps with socks and even colorful tights, you’ve been wrong all along! Danish fashion designers think it’s a great fashion solution. In fact, they also think leopard print will be trendy next year. But not on just any piece of clothing, but on a demi-season coat. copen-2 Khaki and military is still in trend, just like they were one or two years ago. It seems like those two fashion tendencies are staying for long with us. Floral prints with a little bit of chinoiserie style looks great in combination with pajama suits, light blouses and country-style dresses, Danish designers think. copen-3 Copenhagen Fashion Week was also full of denim and sport chic. But in particular, it’s the denim jeans jacket of the ‘90s style with various embroideries and badges that will be especially trendy next season. And of course, shirts. The more shirts in your wardrobe the trendier you’ll be next season.