The importance of Public Relations in the fashion business can be easily overlooked. I’ve had multiple clients who told me that they just didn’t see the sales they wanted to, while their PR strategy was just horrible and absent at all.  

    That’s right. How can consumers see your products if you’re putting them out there? Fashion business is like art: and to be a successful artist you want people to see your paintings, right?


    Think about it: if you hide your paintings in your closet, how can people possibly start admiring you and buying your paintings?


    The same happens in the fashion business: it’s all about how you apply media exposure to your brand.


    When I say PR, I mean not only your social media strategy and hiring a team of advertising experts, who usually – and sadly – just don’t help. Sounds familiar?


    A good PR strategy goes far buoying that: giveaways, gifting, wardrobing, online contests, celebrity endorsements, personal appearances on TV or magazines… There’s so much you can do to actually MARKET your brand.


    Here’s the truth: if you don’t start your fashion business as a huge brand (that’s never the case), you don’t really need to hire a PR firm. Instead, consider hiring a fashion consultant who can help you drive up your sales through a well-planned and comprehensive PR strategy.


    It goes without saying that you need to have a strong social media campaign, as promoting your fashion brand through social media is one of the most efficient ways to gain potential customers instantly.


    Also, don’t forget about updating your website, where you list all of your products, regularly. It can be a blog or a video blog – the point is to keep it updated preferably every day.


    As for your social media accounts, keep your content engaging and interesting. Every post must feature one of your products. Don’t make it chaotic though – insert images of your products only where it’s necessary.