My clients often ask me to explain why they aren’t seeing the sales they want. Well, I’ve studied enough sales strategies of numerous fashion brands to say this: you’re unintentionally killing your sales in business.

    Your website drags you down

    In the year of 2017, having a well-built and sophisticated website for your fashion brand (+ well-planned social media campaign) is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g not only for your brand reputation but also sales. Hey, bad news is this – if you’ve created a simple website and occasionally post something on social media, no one will want to buy your stuff. Sad but true. It will take some time (and finances) to build a website that truly helps you SELL your products. You’ll have to hire a team of professionals who will regularly update your website’s content and keep it fresh and trendy. Social media linking, blogging, SEO, brand awareness, imagery, product descriptions – all of these things are vital factors to consider when working on your own website.

    You’re having too many discounts too often

    Although that might seem like the perfect strategy to attract customers and boost sales, it actually makes you look desperate for attention. Having sales and promos too often, or putting everything 50% off on a quarterly basis is no good strategy for sales. Make discounts special – something for your customers to look forward to.

    You’re afraid to sell

    It happens with many (practically all) designers – they are afraid to sell. I’m seeing this constantly: designers don’t think some of their pieces are worthy, and they underestimate their fashion business. To always stay on the right track, remind yourself these things when you’re feeling afraid to sell:
    • Your products are useful to the customer for this and that reason.
    • You started your fashion business for a reason.
    • If people are buying clothes from (*insert the name of your rivaling brand here*), why wouldn’t they buy my stuff?
    These 3 things are very damaging to sales strategies of so many aspiring brands out there. Don’t make those mistakes!

      You’ve probably heard about the latest fashion branding trend called pop up shops. A pop up shop is a temporary venue that offers retail experiences. By producing a pop shop you get to boost your sales, educate yourself and your customers, test what’s working and what’s not as well as get a better understanding of who is your target customer. The pop up strategy involves ‘popping up’ one day at any location, then disappearing anywhere from one day to several weeks later. When asked by my clients about whether the pop up shop trend is some hyped up temporary trend, I tell them that there are actually quite a few reasons why producing a pop up store could boost your fashion business.

    What’s the point of pop up shop?

    When considering if you do or don’t need to product a pop up shop, think about these points:
    • Your online sales may be soaring and your e-Commerce strategy is doing wonders to your brand, but combining your online efforts with offline initiatives boosts your brand’s reputation in the eyes of customers. That’s a fact.
    • Pop ups are used for the purpose of marketing. Producing a pop up store helps you build awareness as well as get in touch with your target customer.
    • When your customers know you’re producing a pop up shop, they tend to spread the word about you.
    • A pop up shop gives you the unique opportunity to get to know in what direction your target customer’s tastes and fashion preferences are changing.

    Pop up shop: The benefits

    But there also 4 specific benefits of producing a pop up store:
    1. Boost your sales and build brand awareness;
    2. Test what’s working out and what’s not;
    3. Get to know your customer;
    4. Get people talking about your brand.
    While setting a pop up shop is not a vital part of branding, it could make a significant difference.