Starting designers, this is a message to you. I know how challenging it can be to gain a foothold if you’re just starting out in the fashion business.

    In fact, nearly 80% of my clients are designers who haven’t attended any designers school. They do have the idea in mind. They do have the goal in mind.

    But they don’t necessarily have the right plan to figure out how the fashion business works. So I’m here to give you some guidance to get you on the right path.

    Most of my clients often get confused early on. Fashion business is so vast and sophisticated that if you don’t have a well-outlined plan, then you can easily get off the track.

    That’s why I’m encouraging aspiring designers to find out everything about how fashion business works before actually becoming a part of it. Think: googling or seeking advice from a fashion consultant like myself.

    When starting designers get into this business, they think it’s only about sewing things and selling them. Not really.

    The fashion business is a sophisticated mechanism that should work like a clock from the moment you start working on sketches up to the moment your customer has paid for that item and started wearing it.

    Between these two points, there’s so much going on: finding material, setting prices, social media marketing, blogging, engaging customers….

    It’s also no less important to know what you’re after in this business. If your goal is just selling clothing for fun, then there’s probably no need to hurry the whole process.

    But if you want to emerge as a well-established brand, then you might want to do everything properly and pay attention to the tiniest details.

    However, don’t expect to find success overnight, as it takes time to truly build your brand from scratch